So this is my very first blog post on this site, and yes that means this is not my first blog. I am like this kinda person that has always had the urge to voice out my thoughts to this world and every time I tried to do it, I felt it wasn’t good enough.

I started comparing myself to others and felt like I wasn’t good enough to blog.

So since comparison has been a big part of my journey for blogging I thought about sharing something about that. Every human being is born with a competitive spirit, some more than others of course but everybody has it in them and that results in comparing ourselves to others.

We compare ourselves to other people we think are in the same situation as us. 

E.g. you see a couple having a coffee date at the local coffee place and you are suddenly comparing your relationship with those strangers because they are obviously having a more loving relationship than you and your partner. 

In kindergarten you compare yourself to a mother who is picking up her kid and she seems so relaxed, she is looking really good and here you are, making your daughter hurry and you look like shit because you were in a rush this morning and didn’t have time to wear makeup, and now you feel like an awful mother because you are not as good as her, who seems to have it all together.

We constantly compare ourselves to others in our own social circle and social media is a good helper for our competitive instinct to have its way and make us miserable. We see people post about their perfect lives and that makes us feel like we have this shitty life while everybody else is living life to the fullest. The truth is nobody has got that perfect life, that we are all yearning for, but we all are very good at displaying our lives as perfect by only choosing to show the world the best parts of our lives.

Think about it! We are only making ourselves miserable by focusing on other people and their lives, because everybody has their own problems and every person lives their life under different circumstances that we know nothing about. We should focus on ourselves, happiness does not come from comparing and trying to be or have something you are not and do not have. Sometimes we are happy with ourselves and our lives until we see that somebody else is living a «better» life.  The comparison takes away our peace and thankfulness for what we are, what we have and how far we’ve come.

Stop comparing and live life, that’s what I am trying to do with this blog. I’ll try to write every post without thinking about what people will think about my post.


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