A very merry Christmas!

This December has been hectic. Almost every day this month I have thought, today I am going to write something on the blog. But when it came to finding the time to do it, I couldn’t.

Since mid-November, I’ve been running around to find the perfect gift for all the children in our family… that’s about 16 children or so. In mid-December, I could finally consider myself finished. Having a big family requires time and effort, and every year I think to myself that next year I should start buying the gifts earlier, and this year I actually made it. And I am so glad that this was the year I made it because my husband had a health issue mid December and suddenly most of last week turned out to consist of hospital visits and taking care of everything that normally depended on both him and me. He was hospitalized a couple of days, and then he was sent home but he was put on bed rest with a lot of heavy pills, so he could not do anything other than sleeping and resting.

It was so sudden and for a little while there, I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders, but somehow it felt right. It made me think of a lot of things. Among other things I realized that it reminded me of how deep the love for my partner has grown through every single day of our relationship. The vows we made to each other at our marriage, “through sickness and in health” became real.. His health issues are not unrecoverable so it’s not the worst that could happen to someone, and I know there are so many people going through worse and unimaginable pain, but this little incident still made me feel and think about those things. It was kind of a reality check for me to keep the promise I made at my wedding, and it felt good that I didn’t keep it because of the feeling that I haveto keep it. I didn’t feel that I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders because he put them there. No, I actually felt that I freely carried that weight for him, because we’re in this together! Nothing mattered to me other than being by his side.

This incident showed me that tough times are needed to feel what is really important to you.. and for me that is, to love and to be loved.

Christmas is all about love. Spread love around you this christmas ❤️

Merry Christmas!


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